Oleg Dobrovolskyi

Partner, ID Legal Group


Member of the Ukrainian Attorneys Association (UAA)
Head of UAA Committee on tax law
Member of Public Council under the State Fiscal Service of Ukraine


Ph. D. in Law

Professional Experience:

Partner of ID Legal Group since 2016. Thanks to providing high-quality legal services, permanent development of professional level of employees and fulfillment of commitments to its clients, the company has the reputation of a reliable and responsible partner in the course of all its activities on the Ukrainian legal market.
Oleg Dobrovolskiy received grounded professional legal and economical experience while specializing in the area of tax law, relations with supervisory bodies and client protection in disputes with the State Fiscal Service of Ukraine.
Oleg Dobrovolskiy has more than 18 years of professional experience in the area of tax, economic and finance law.
He acts as a consultant to foreign and domestic companies on different aspects of doing business in Ukraine. He took part in various projects related to drawing up various treaties and agreements, receipt of licenses and permits, resolution of debts against tax, custom and other supervisory bodies, etc.
Before becoming a partner in ID Legal Group Oleg Dobrovolskiy received professional experience in the area of tax law by holding management posts in fiscal service bodies.
He has a notable number of publications in nationwide and professional editions.
ID Legal Group is a team of professionals that includes experts in audit and accounting outsourcing, transfer pricing, as well as tax consultants, lawyers and attorneys.
The credo of ID Legal Group is: “Throughout the legal field, knowing the sequence of actions of supervisory bodies, the team at ID Legal Group will ensure the security of your business. We foresee potential risks and the behavior of fiscal bodies so that there is no such thing as lost cases for us.”