Artem  Afian

Advocate, Managing Partner,
Juscutum Law Firm

A co-founder of Juscutum Law Firm, which he has chaired as managing partner for over ten years. One of the leaders who supports innovation and actively develops the legal practice of the new generation. Artem Afian supports innovation at the state level. He’s a member of the working group on protection of the rights of actors of Internet relations under the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine. Artem Afian is the Assistant to the Chairman of Verkhovna Rada Committee on Science and Education. Co-author of the Draft Law on Prohibition of Removal of Servers by Law-Enforcement Bodies. Artem advocates legalization of cryptocurrency in Ukraine. Juscutum’s services can be paid for in bitcoin since July 2013. Artem Afian is engaged in introducing innovations in the field of legal services and asserts freedom of information dissemination on the Internet.

Artem  Afian is a notable practitioner in