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On 15  December  2017  a group of highly professional lawyers with significant work experience established  Barristers Lawyers Association, with its offices in Odessa, Kyiv and Kharkiv.

Barristers Lawyers Association is the result of the association of Shevchuk and Partners, Lawyers Association, Ponomarenko & Partners, Lawyers Association and Lawyer Company Barristers (2004).

Therefore, Barristers combines the best traditions and progressive approach in providing legal assistance.

The Barristers LA consolidates the best specialists in the field of Criminal Law and Criminal Litigation, where each of them resolves the case with a creative, original approach and goal-oriented result.

The main focus of our activities is to provide a full range of legal assistance within the field of Criminal Law and Criminal Litigation Procedure.

The specificity of our Lawyers Association is in provision of legal assistance in the framework of criminal law and a process that goes far beyond Ukrainian national courts: it is litigation in the International Criminal Court, the European Court of Human Rights, as well as in legal courts of some other jurisdictions. The highly professional specialists in Civil, Labor, Economic Law and Litigation Procedure are employed by the Barristers LA.

Apart from their legal practice Barristers lawyers share hands-on experience with their colleagues; they participate in seminars, conferences and trainings. Lawyers at the Barristers are authors of scholarly and practical works published by various editors.

In 2018 Barristers has been recognized as the Discovery of the Year among the best law firms in the field of the Criminal Law.

Barristers is an established practice in