AMBER Law Company

Address: 29 Lesi Ukrayinki Blvd., Office 75 Kyiv, 01014, Ukraine

Tel: + 380 67 325 9582
+ 380 44 228 0279
Fax: + 380 44 285 5286

AMBER Law Company is a full-service law firm founded in 2013 and based ­
in Kyiv, Ukraine. The deep specialization of our professionals and understan­ding of our client’s needs, in unison with excellent knowledge of the Ukrainian and international legal and regulatory environment, are the cornerstones of our well-tailored advice and services. Our lawyers, graduates of prominent Ukrainian law schools, pursued further education and training in Europe and North America and are, therefore, able to talk the same language with international clients in terms of legal profession standards accepted in the West.

The key advantages of AMBER Law Company on the legal market are as follows: the firm’s partners are personally involved and dedicated to the inquiries of clients; the firm’s advice is not just aimed at ­solving a client’s imminent problem, but also identifying all possible risks and mitigating adverse effects in the future (a comprehensive approach); our lawyers propose unique options to clients for ­solving their issues; we always establish a high level of trust in our relationships with clients.

AMBER Law Company always maintains fundamental values widely accepted in the civilized world, such as partnership, professionalism, drive for results, punctuality, justice, and social responsibility.

AMBER Law Company assists its domestic and foreign clients on doing business in Ukraine, providing advice and support on corporate and personal matters (such as business consulting, tax optimization, offshore and international companies, personal assets management, etc.).

Our corporate clients come from a wide range of industries and business sectors, including IT, technology, media and telecom, pharmaceuticals, agriculture, energy and natural resources, real estate, construction and building materials, retail, raw materials, transport & infrastructure.